Top tips for selling your Home

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Are you trying to sell your existing property and make the move to a new home this year? Choosing your ideal property from our range of beautiful new homes is the easy part, but selling an existing home can be a long and frustrating process.

At Stewart Milne Homes, we’ve used our expertise to put together a list of simple and practical tips to sell your home.

De-clutter and clean

It’s important that your home makes the right first impression on potential buyers, so before any pictures are taken or visits arranged, make sure all rooms and living spaces are spotlessly clean and free of clutter. Cluttered rooms look smaller, and a viewer’s eye is instantly drawn to the clutter instead of the surroundings, which could prevent viewers from seeing how great your home really is.

If you’re not comfortable with a mop and a pair of marigolds, invest in the services of a professional cleaning company. This type of investment will pay for itself when you receive an attractive offer.

Freshen up and go neutral

Investing in little more than some paint, brushes and rollers can make your home a much more valuable proposition for buyers. All properties look their best with a fresh coat of paint, so freshen up any areas of the home where the existing paintwork has dulled or become grubby.

A light and neutral colour palette helps potential buyers to see your home as a blank canvas that they can make their own mark on. If your current décor is bold, patterned and lively, consider toning it down so the new owners can see the property’s full potential.

Finish DIY Jobs

If those shelves you bought six months ago are still propped up against the wall instead of hanging on them, now is the time to finish the job.

Your home is a far more attractive prospect to buyers as a finished product than a work-in-progress.

Look at the market

There are some great tools available to help you determine how much property is selling for in your area. Take the time to look at recent home sales near your property. This will help you get a clearer idea of the level of demand on your street, and set reasonable price expectations.

Tell the neighbours

You never know who has been looking for a home in your area, so be sure to tell friends and neighbours that your home is on the market. It’s possible that one of your neighbours has a friend or relative who has been patiently waiting for a home like yours to go on the market.

Have all the answers

Give your estate agent all relevant documents for your property, and prepare some useful facts which they can mention to potential buyers, such as Council tax, utility rates, insurance prices and the history of any property improvements. Giving the new owners all the information upfront, allows them to make a good estimate on the true cost of living there.

Create a viewing experience

Give people the best possible impression of your new home. Have a pot of coffee brewing to fill your home with an inviting scent, and make sure your rooms are well lit and tidy.

Alternatively, look across the pond for inspiration and ask your estate agent about trying an open house. This is usually a two or three hour viewing window, where interested parties can view your home without making an appointment. An open house creates the impression that the property is in high demand, and buyers could be prompted to make a quick offer before the property is snapped up by another eager buyer.

Remember the little things

Buyers will be more interested in a property which is well maintained, and it’s clear that the owner has taken care of their home. Small touches like freshly laundered towels in the bathroom, clean linen on the beds and decorative cushions on furniture tell buyers that this is a home to be proud of.

Throw in some extras

If you’re not sure that you’ll be taking items like garden furniture and rugs to your new home, offer to include them with the sale. For first time buyers, having small extras like blinds or curtains included could be a deciding factor when choosing a property.

Talk to us

Contact us today and ask how we can help you to sell your current home. We can provide assistance with valuation and marketing, or even help you to manage the sale through your estate agent.       

We even offer a unique Part Exchange Plan which could see you accepting a fair market value offer on your home in as little as 5 days. Contact us today to start the journey to your new home.


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