Heat Saving Tips for the New Season

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Summer is over and there is a noticeable chill in the air, and in Scotland we’ve already seen our first wet and windy storm of the season. With the weather outside looking gloomy and grey, thousands of homes all over the country will be switching their central heating back on for the first time in months.

At Stewart Milne Homes, all of our homes have been designed with clever heat-saving design and features, like doubled glazed windows and high quality cavity insulation. To help you save even more energy this season, here are our top tips for staying cosy without wasting energy this autumn.

Check the Thermostat

When it’s chilly outside, it can be tempting to turn the thermostat up so that our homes are far warmer than they need to be. But did you know that turning your thermostat down by just 1°C can save you as much as 10% on your heating bill? Try setting your thermostat to a comfortable 21°C in living areas to stay cosy at home without breaking the bank.

If you have elderly family members or a new born baby at home, you can afford to boost the temperature a little. The Home Heat Helpline recommends a bedroom temperature of at least 16-20°C and a bathroom temperature of 21°C.

Make the most of your radiators

Even if you have the best modern central heating systems, you could still feel the chill in the home if you aren’t using your radiators. Make sure you don’t block radiators with furniture or storage items, to allow the room to get the full benefit of your central heating.

Don’t get yourself into hot water

Many home boilers have the hot water temperature set far too high in the colder seasons, which can waste energy and boost bills. With the average modern combi-boiler, a thermostat temperature of 60°C is ample for everyday use, and will give you access to all the hot water you need for cleaning or enjoying a nice warm bath.

Throw something fashionable on

Throws and decorative blankets are as popular as ever in home décor this autumn, and they make the perfect accessory for snuggling up in when the weather is dreary outside. Shop around for a fashionable addition to your couches and chairs this season, and you’ll never be far from some cosy comfort in the home.


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