Fun in the kitchen this Halloween

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Looking for some spectacularly spooky ways to have fun with the kids in the kitchen this Halloween?

We’ve got some great ideas for ghoulish activities that will keep your children entertained and equip them with some skills in the kitchen this Halloween.

Jack O Lanterns

Carving Jack o Lanterns is a fantastic Halloween tradition, which even the youngest of your family can participate in.

While it's safest to have a responsible adult do the carving, your wee ones can help you get creative by drawing their own templates. Using white paper and pencils, encourage the kids to make templates with great scary faces and crazy expressions for their lanterns. They may even want to recreate one of their favourite cartoon characters. Then, have an adult cut out the template shapes (older children can do this themselves with safety scissors) and affix it to the pumpkin by  moistening the edges of the paper.

It's always safest to have a responsible adult do the carving itself. Using a sharp knife, slice the top of the pumkin off, then scoop out the flesh inside. Now you can carve their creations and light it up with a simple tealight candle.

As for all that leftover pumpkin, it's the perfect base for a delicious winter soup. Add some parsnip and chilli to the pot for a spicy winter warmer.

Spooky Spider Pizza

Kids love pizza almost as much as they love halloween, so this is a great way to make sure they have a good meal and get them to be creative in the kitchen.

Start with a standard pizza base and some pizza sauce. Cut a block of cheddar cheese into slices, then cut each slice into thin sticks. You can use these to make a cobweb design on top of your sauce.

To make a spider, cut a black olive in half and leave one half intact, then cut the other half into eight thin slices. Place half onto the pizza with the skin side up to act as the body, and add the slices as legs. You can also use pepperoni or sausage slices to make spiders, or even a giant green pepper spider.

Black Cat Cupcakes

It's easy to transform basic cupcakes into seasonal treats by turning them into black cats.

Melt some dark chocolate to use as icing, and get the kids to carefully coat each cupcake. Then, they can make a scary cat with two yellow or green jelly tots as eyes, a chocolate button nose, and licquorice strands as whiskers.

(recipe from Reader’s Digest:



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