Efficient Energy Saving Ideas

by Administrator 1. November 2013 10:22

With so much news coverage about many gas and energy providers reporting price rises, we’ve been thinking a lot about energy efficiency.

While you can’t control the energy prices being charged by providers, there are small changes you can make at home to use gas and electricity more efficiently, and reduce the impact on your household’s utility bills.

Efficient ways to save Electricity

According to the Energy Saving Trust, one of the simplest ways to make an impact on energy bills is to change your light bulbs. Replacing regular bulbs with energy efficient bulbs, and halogen lights with LEDs, could save you up to £30 per year.

Swapping aging kitchen appliance for new, energy efficient models means that you could make savings of over £20 per year. Setting the washing machine to 30 degrees could also help you save money – up to another £55 per year. With other appliances there are also savings to be made – such as making sure the dishwasher is fully loaded before switching it on. 

Don’t forget the easiest and most important thing you can do in the home to save electricity; switching off all appliances and gadgets when they’re not in use instead of leaving them on standby; that could save you up to £90 per year.

Energy use monitors and smart meters are fantastic appliances that could help you alter your consumption and save you money. Energy use monitors let you measure the electricity use in your home, and find ways to make efficiency savings when you notice high levels of consumption. Smart meters on the other hand, are sophisticated devices that send automatic updates of your energy consumption directly to your supplier. This means that you can be sure of an accurate bill that truly reflects the energy your household uses. The UK Government plans to run out smart meters across the country from 2015, but at Which you can see an excellent guide to the best ones available on the market now.

Great ways to save money on gas

The majority of the average home’s gas bill is generated by heating the home, so it’s important to make sure that vital heat energy isn’t wasted. High quality insulation and double glazing can help to ensure that no heat escapes through walls, doors and windows. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that investing in good quality wall, floor and loft insulation could save the average household between £380 and £730 per year.

Your home should always be comfortable, but check your thermostat to make sure that it isn’t set too high for your needs. According to the Energy Savings Trust, 21°C is warm enough on your thermostat for almost all households. If you’re used to higher temperatures of 25°C in the house, reduce it by just one degree at a time over a few weeks to adjust to the new temperature. Every degree you turn down could save you as much as £65 per year.

Replacing an old boiler with a brand new one is also a worthwhile investment, and could mean that it costs your household as much as £310 less per year for heating and hot water.  


With brand new central heating systems with efficient boilers, double glazing, high quality insulation and modern integrated appliances, our new homes have been designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Start the search for your new energy efficient home today.

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