Why Working with Us is More Than Just a Job

by Administrator 29. January 2014 14:55

With so many new developments in the pipeline, this is an exciting time for Stewart Milne Homes. To help us grow and develop this year and beyond, we’re seeking some new talent to join the Stewart Milne Group in a wide range of exciting roles.

Because we recognise the potential in our employees, we have a reputation for investment in training, coaching, career development and the opportunity to share innovative ideas with an enthusiastic and experienced team.

Roslyn Purdie, 27, is currently a Sales Consultant and working her way up the career ladder. She’s kindly shared the most interesting and rewarding aspects of her career, to give us some insight into what it’s really like to work for Stewart Milne Homes.

What attracted you to a career as a Stewart Milne Homes sales consultant?

“I had recently finished an MSc in surveying and town planning and was looking for a role where I could use the knowledge I had learned from my degree on a day to day basis. Stewart Milne Homes is one of the biggest house building names in Scotland and they have a great reputation so I sent my CV in and crossed my fingers.”

What skills does your job require?

“I had actually planned to be a teacher but had soon realised it wasn’t the career for me. However, I still use a lot of the same skills as it’s important to have strong people skills. No two days are the same and as a homes consultant, we meet different homebuyers every day who are all looking for something different so it’s important to be able to listen and deliver to their individual needs.”

What’s the best part of your job?

“The variety. I love that every day is completely different and that you have no idea who you will meet in the morning. I meet such a broad spectrum of people – from young first time buyers looking for their first flat to growing families who need more space. It’s great being able to take their needs and create the perfect house just for them.”

What are you goals for the future?

“I’ve been delighted by the amount of personal development and progression we are offered at Stewart Milne Homes. My colleagues are very inspirational and I hope to one day become a sales director.”


Want to start your journey to an incredible new career? Click here to see the latest opportunities at the Stewart Milne Group: http://www.stewartmilne.com/careers.aspx

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