Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

by Administrator 10. February 2014 14:54

If your garden has been in hibernation over the winter, it’s time to wake it up and prepare for spring. Preparing your garden for spring will allow you to make the most of this key growing season and ensure that you have beautiful blooms all through the spring. Simply follow our guide to preparing your garden for spring to make sure that you get the most out of your garden this year:


1         Spring Clean Your Flower Beds

If you’re looking to tidy up an existing garden that has become drab over the winter, removing dead plants, young weeds, decomposing leaves and other winter debris will prevent infection spreading amongst your newly planted bulbs. Look for any material that can be added to your compost heap; this can be used to create an organic mulch that will replenish nutrients in the soil that are lost during the winter.


2       Sow Spring Bulbs

If you want to liven up your garden, now is the time to plant your bulbs for a splash of colour in the spring. If you’re not ready to plant your bulbs yet, store them in a cool, dry place and plant them as soon as possible to enjoy beautiful blooms this spring. The best bulbs to plant now are:

  • Crocuses
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  •  Hyacinths
  •  Lenten roses
  • ·Lilies

A top tip is to choose varieties with different blooming cycles to enjoy beautiful flowers all through the spring. Also, when you’re planting your bulbs, the best way to calculate the depth of the hole is by multiplying the height of the bulb in inches by 2.5.Now that the soil has defrosted you’ll also be able to plant hardier shrubs that will look great all year round.


3       Hunt Down Pests

Go on the hunt for any garden pests which could harm your bulbs. When the weather gets milder, pests that survived the winter will come out of hibernation to wreak havoc on your garden. If you have perennial plants, check the crowns for any slugs, snails or aphids that may be lurking.


4       Care for Your Tools

Cleaning and sharpening your tools before you need to use them in the spring will help to preserve your tools and improve their performance, saving you time and money. Cleaning your tools will also help you care for your garden; neglected pruners could spread disease and fungus when they are used for trimming in the spring.


5        Take Time to Mend Fences

If the winter has taken its toll on your fences, gates or other garden structures, now is the perfect time to take care of those odd jobs. By getting any repair jobs out of the way now, you’ll have more time to spend tending to your plants once the growing season starts. Why not treat your wooden garden structures to a coat of protective paint or a natural varnish to keep them looking their best throughout the spring.

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Dion Stapels United States
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Great stuff, I learned a few things I never knew Smile


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