Choosing the Best Time to Move

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Wondering if this is the year you’ll move into your future home? You’re not alone – Property Wire recently reported that as many as 25% of people in the UK are considering moving home in 2014.

With the BBC recently reporting that the housing market is set to go from strength to strength in 2014, and the new season putting people in the mood for a change, you might be considering selling your current home to move into a property that’s better suited to your family’s needs. If you’re unsure if it’s the right time to move or, you’re looking for tips on moving home during the spring, we’ve created this helpful blog that’s packed with advice and tips for moving home in the spring.

Get More for Your Current Home

Putting your home on the market this spring may put you in a better position to sell your current home for a higher value.

For example, The Herald Scotland reported that overall, house prices in Scotland increased by 7.6% this year. If you’re selling a property in Aberdeen, its value could have increased by 12% this year. Alternatively, the value of your home in Glasgow may have grown by around 9% compared to this time last year.

More Ways to Secure Your Home

As well as the possibility of securing a higher price for your current home, selling your home now will allow you to take advantage of the range of mortgages currently available. The chairman of SPC Scotland recently credited the “improvement in mortgage availability” for opening up the housing market to more potential buyers.

SPC Scotland also claimed that Help to Buy in Scotland and England has also made it possible for more buyers to secure a new home. Once you find your perfect home from Stewart Milne Homes, Help to Buy in Scotland and England gives you the opportunity to buy now with just a 5% deposit.

At Stewart Milne Homes we understand that you have to move fast to secure your ideal new home before someone else snaps it up, that’s why we offer free independent financial advice to allow you to act quickly when you find your family’s future home. Our independent financial advisers will help you find the right mortgage for you and guide you through the entire application process.

Spring into Action to Sell Your Home

Spring’s warmer weather and brighter days are perfect for showing your house at its best. To help you showcase your home to potential buyers, try our handy tips for selling your home this spring.

Outside Your Home

Your garden or driveway is the first thing that will greet potential buyers when they visit your home so make sure to use it to its full advantage:

·         If you have a garden, mow the lawn and trim the edges for a crisp, well-maintained look.

·         Make sure to keep on top of garden weeds.

·         If necessary, tidy up flower beds and plant colourful flowers to create an attractive, lush flower garden.

·         Make sure your garden furniture is in good repair so potential buyers can picture themselves sitting comfortably in your garden.

·         If needed, repaint your front door to smarten up the look of your home.

·         Add colourful potted plants to your driveway or front door to give the entrance to your home a colourful lift.

Inside Your Home

With just a few simple adjustments to the inside of your home, you can instantly make it more appealing to potential buyers:

·         Make sure your windows are clean and the curtains are open to allow the bright spring light to enter into your home.

·         If necessary, tidy away any clutter so visitors can see how much living space is available in each room.

·         De-personalise rooms by removing large ornaments, photographs and posters. This will encourage potential buyers to picture their own possessions in your home.

·         If needed, freshen up any rooms by adding a coat of neutral paint, replacing broken light bulbs or switching dark curtains for lighter ones.


Start the journey to your new home today with Stewart Milne Homes’ stunning collection of new homes.


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