How to Babyproof Your Living Areas

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We understand that you want your baby to have the best start possible in your new home. Once your baby begins to crawl your new home will transform into a playground that he or she will love to explore.

New homes are ideal for young families. Their flexible living spaces are a great environment for young children and they allow you to easily childproof your home so your baby has the freedom to explore and grow in a safe, nourishing environment. We understand that looking after a young family can be time consuming so to make things easier, use our simple checklist to prepare your home for when your baby starts crawling.

Babyproofing Basics

The flexible living spaces in Stewart Milne Homes’ new homes in Cove are ideal for parents of young families; it will only take a few simple additions to your stylish living room can help your baby to stay safe as they explore their new home.

*      Secure furniture

Your baby or toddler will be likely to try and pull themselves up using your living room furniture so make sure your baby can’t topple over any tables, cabinets or heavy furniture. Putting heavier items at the bottom of any bookcases and sideboards will help to anchor furniture and stop it from tipping over, and closing dresser drawers if they’re not in use will stop little adventurers from climbing them.

*      Pad and cover sharp corners

Angular and geometric furniture can be very attractive, but isn’t always practical with a toddler in the home. Check any of your household items for sharp edges, and padding to the sharp corners of your furniture to protect your little one from bumps and scrapes.

*      Remove tablecloths

They may look great but, tablecloths can be hazardous. If your baby can reach the edge of your tablecloths they could pull them off along with everything sitting on top of them.

*      Place heavy or breakable objects out of reach

To your new baby, your stylish ornaments and decorations are exciting toys to be played with. Keep heavy or breakable objects out of your baby’s grasp by relocating them to a high shelf.

*      Fit socket plugs, fireguards and radiator guards

Protect your baby from electrical or heat burns by covering empty electrical sockets with socket plugs and, hot radiators and fireplaces with sturdy guards.

*      Secure rugs and tack down edges

Check any edges of your rugs and floor coverings to make sure there is noting that your baby could pull at or trip over. Rubber underlay is a great way to stop slippage, or simple application of double sided tape will do the trick securing rugs to wooden flooring.

*      Cover plant pots

Don’t let small hands grab at the soil in your plant pots; place them on a high shelf out of reach.  If they can’t be moved away from little hands, add a protective cover on top of your pots.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are full of potential hazards for young children but, with a few well-placed child locks and some simple adjustments you can keep your child safe as they explore your kitchen.

*      Childproof catches on all cupboard and drawers

To your child your kitchen cupboards and doors are a treasure trove of new and exciting toys. Fitting childproof locks allows you to keep hazardous objects safely locked up and out of harm’s way. Remember to lock away all cleaning solutions, medicines, cutlery, knifes, plastic bags and razors or, store them in a high-up cupboard that’s out of reach.

Stair Safety

*      Fit safety barriers to the top and bottom of stairs

Installing a safety barrier or gate at the top and bottom of your stairs will stop curious children from taking a tumble on the stairs in your new home.

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