Five Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Home

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Have you caught yourself salivating at show homes?  Do you keep browsing new homes on your phone at every opportunity? Itching to flick through new home brochures? Are your Pinterest boards filling up more quickly than ever with décor ideas? You might be ready to own a new home.

If you’re finding yourself tempted to take that step, check these five signs that you’re ready to buy a home.

You’re Financially Prepared

The first sign that you’re ready to own a home is that you’re either already financially ready or, you’re taking steps to achieve this. If you are already saving towards a deposit it’s a strong indication that you’re ready to own a home of your own. In today’s fast paced housing market, having your deposit ready will allow you to act quickly once you find your perfect property.

Meeting with a mortgage advisor to discuss your options and ideally, gain pre-approval for a mortgage will help you to become financially prepared for buying a home. To save you time shopping around for mortgage advisors, Stewart Milne Homes can refer you to a qualified new homes advisor for free independent mortgage advice.


You Have a Budget

Knowing your budget is essential if you want to buy your own home. Already having a budget worked out prior to looking for a new home will allow you to narrow down the choices based on the maximum amount you can spend.

When you are setting out your budget you should factor in costs such as solicitors’ fees, stamp duty and council tax alongside your deposit and mortgage repayments. If this is your first time creating a budget, The Money Advice Service has an easy to use Budget Planner that will help you to quickly work out your budget.

Unlike an old style home, if you are moving into a new home from Stewart Milne Homes you don’t have to factor costly renovations into your budget. All of our homes are built to the highest possible standard so you can enjoy your home from the minute you move in.

You Know What You Want

Knowing what you want from a home will save you time when you begin the house hunting process. Your ideal home should be one that fits your current needs as well as your future aspirations.

Before you start looking for potential homes ask yourself:

·         How many bedrooms should my home have?

·         Do I need large living spaces?

·         Do I want my home to be spread over one floor or two?

·         What local amenities do I need?

·         How long do I want my daily commute to take?

·         Do I want my home to have a garden?

·         How much storage space do I need?

You Know What You Need

You know that you’re ready to buy a home when you have narrowed down your large list of “wants” into a focused list of “needs”. Understanding what you really need shows that you are serious about owning a home and, it will help you find a property within your budget that matches your needs. For example, a home with three bedrooms and a spacious kitchen are essential “needs”, whereas a wine cellar or swimming pool are just “wants”.

You Know Your Ideal Community

When you buy a home you are purchasing more than a property, you are buying a lifestyle and the community in which your home is located, will be part of that lifestyle. Homebuyers who are serious about owning their first home have already decided what type of community they want to become a part of. For example, growing families may want live in a peaceful community where they are close to other young families whereas, newlywed couples may prefer to stay in a lively community close to trendy bars and restaurants.

If you move into an only style home, remember that you will be the new person in an established community. However, when you find your ideal new home you will become part of a new community where everyone is starting their future together.


Start the journey to finding your dream home today. View Stewart Milne Homes’ collection of new homes today.



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