Middlewich Voted One of the Most Desirable Places to Live in England

by Administrator 4. September 2014 17:28

It was no surprise to the residents of Middlewich that their home was recently deemed one of the most desirable places to live in the Royal Mail’s 'Most Desirable' Postcodes survey. As reported on BBC News, this town had a particularly healthy lifestyle, easy access to a variety of local services, a wealth of career opportunities and an attractive surrounding physical environment.

If you’ve yet to discover Middlewich for yourself, we’ve examined what makes this highly sought after area one of the most desirable places to live in England.


The residents of Middlewich and the surrounding East Cheshire have a higher life expectancy on average than the rest of England and, this is set to rise at a fastest rate then the rest of North West England.

The abundance of scenic walks, cycle tracks and outdoors pursuits available in the surrounding countryside helps the people of Middlewich to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sports enthusiasts can also find all the facilities they need to stay active at the local leisure centre which caters for a range of activities including football, netball, badminton and more.

Availability of Local Services

One of the key criteria for desirability in the Royal Mail’s survey was a variety of local services and amenities which residents could be easily accessed. Middlewich scored highly in this area thanks to its variety of local retail opportunities, restaurants, cafés and amenities. Amongst other essential services, Middlewich is home to its own GP practise, dentist and library.

The excellent school facilities make Middlewich a highly popular location amongst parents with growing families. The area is well catered for by St Mary’s RC Primary School and Middlewich High School.

Employment Opportunities

The wealth of employment opportunities in Middlewich makes the town an attractive destination. Middlewich and the surrounding Cheshire East borough has around 18,000 businesses and the unemployment rate is just 1.9%, significantly lower than the national average of 6.4%.

The development of a nearby UK Biosciences technology park and the recent £1.1 billion investment in Bentley Motors in the nearby town of Crewe, has helped to create more local jobs. The town’s close proximity to the M6 motorway adds to Middlewich’s fantastic variety of employment opportunities by connecting the town to the major towns and villages in North West England.

Stunning Surrounding Environment

Where you live has a huge impact on your health and well-being; Middlewich is a highly desirable place to live thanks to its picturesque surroundings. The town’s location on the confluence of three rivers, the Dance, Croco and Wheelock has resulted in an abundance of scenic waterways and picturesque canals criss-crossing through the town. The unspoilt countryside outside of Middlewich allows residents to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle when they return home to their tranquil rural escape.

Within the town, a local community group Middlewich Vision strives to constantly make the most of their home. By organising local events and turning empty shops into craft displays, this collection of residents and businesses help to maintain the high quality of life found in Middlewich.

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